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Instant Customer Support

Email and social media have an expected response time of 24 hours, while live chat representatives, on average, reply to customers in less than 23 seconds, allowing your business to talk to them when they’re ‘ready to buy’, at the easiest point in the process.


Winning Sales Support

Sales people don’t just hand prospects a piece of paper or a flyer and hope customers can figure out whatever you do. This is what your website is doing right now! It’s very simple to turn around, and become the success story you’ve been planning on.


Improve Customer Satisfaction

Happy customers come back again and again, providing repeat business to you. What’s even better? They begin to talk and talk about you, in such a positive way that they become your brand champions.


Impressive Brand Image​

Everyone knows that people love doing business with brands, they’ll pay more for brands, and ignore your business. Create a big brand experience by having people available and ready for customers as soon as they need it and your business name will begin to mean something.


Inventive Lead Generation​

You’ve done every growth hack under the sun to drive traffic, but haven’t put in place someone to begin sealing the deal at an early stage? You can gather an average of 71% more leads from a campaign with Chat To Humans solution, and see your campaigns sky rocket.

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Charming Reviews​

A single negative review can drive away 22% of your business. By having humans who are trained to create connections, to empathise with, and to assure and support your customers, you’re going to be growing a 5 star business and making reviews work for you in no time.


Higher Conversions​

As high as 83 percent of consumers need some type of support when they are making an online transaction. That is why people prefer buying from websites with live chat. They can get queries answered quickly, instantly boosting conversion rates.

You're teaming up with a World-class team with experience handling customer support for some of the World’s leading brands

Experienced honed across millions of happy end customers with a Customer
satisfactory rate of 96.7%


Land Bigger Customers​

Busy people with money to spend are working all day, they get home, spend some time with the family and appear late at night, tired but ready to shop, catch them in the moment and answer any question they can’t be bothered trying to interpret from an FAQ and you might land yourself a whale.


Create Lasting Experiences​

Everyone has bad customer service experiences all the time, but they're mostly forgettable. Great customer service on the other hand can really stick with you after years, when someone went out of their way to understand, and get you what you actually needed.


Cut Costs & Many More​

Sometimes, decisions are just about dollars and sense. We’re usually better value than an extra admin person, we work longer hours, we’re always there, we’ll save you time, give you an inexpensive workforce and even make you money.

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